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Monday, March 21, 2011

Disney's First Online ADR System

Less than two years ago Disney finally joined the 21st century and allowed people to book Advanced Dining Reservations online.  Many people were excited about this and said "They finally started doing this!"

The funny thing about that is this isn't the first time Disney has offered an online ADR system.  When I heard about the "new" online system I thought "It's about time they brought it back."

True Disney never allowed you to book reservations over the internet before this but they did do online ADRs.

At times Disney creates something so advanced they don't realize what they've done.  They might create something and think it's something people might use for a few minutes or they might do something just to show it can be done.  That's the true story behind the original ADR system.  I doubt Disney knew what they had created or that they would be bringing it back on a huge scale nearly two decades later.

Yes I said two decades.  To find the original ADR system you need to go back days of CommuniCore.  If you don't know what CommuniCore is it's what existed before Innovations (82-94).  Back in the day when tube socks, sweat bands, and leg warmers were in vogue Disney created one of the first online reservation systems for the general public.  This is amazing considering the the internet didn't exist yet (if it did less than 0.1% of Americans had access to it).  This is amazing considering MSDOS was the major operating system and most Americans had no idea what a computer network was.  In fact most Americans didn't even own a PC yet.

The system wasn't all that advanced.  Basically it let you make reservations at one of the World Showcase dining locations with a computer.  Of course being in a deek (Disney Geek) family we had to use it.  Back then it you didn't really need to make reservations unless you were going to the Hoop Dee Doo but we still wanted to try it.

Hind sight is 20/20.  If I had know what that system would one day become I would have had my parents take a picture of my sister making us a reservation in Morocco.  Sadly though I don't have a picture of this system.  However, Google is your best friend.  If anyone can find a picture of it, let me know.

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