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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Disney Announces First Ever Bad Bus Driver Challenge

In an effort to gloss over the problem, Disney has announced that it will be holding it's first ever "Bad Bus Driver Challenge."

The challenge will pit all Disney Bus Drivers against each other.  Each driver will be judged and given points based on dozens of different criteria including - ability to induce nausea, gas peddle pumping, aggressive driving, speeding, grumpiness, sudden and unexplained breaking, and collisions. 

The drivers will will lose points if they are courteous, a defensive driver, properly dressed, refrain from offensive speech, and interact in a positive way with the guests.

"It's a real mixed bag.  We have dozens and dozens of drivers who could really run the score up.  The driver who wins will really have proven something.  It's hard to standout as being the worst when the bar is set so low," explained a Disney bus driver trainer, one of the Three Blind Mice.

Some bus drivers are complaining about the challenge and said it makes the ones who care and take their job seriously look bad.

Others are elated about the challenge. "I just can't believe it.  After all of those years of scaring and making people sick with my driving I finally feel like someone is taking notice!  For the first time in my career I'm actually happy about going to work.  I don't even need to drink on the job to cope anymore," stated one of the most notorious drivers.

The winner of the challenge will receive a plaque with their name on it, a new shiny crash helmet, and a pack of Juicy Fruit.

At the end of the day it might be best to stay off the roads in WDW until the challenge is over.

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