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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Would You Do?

Over the past few years Disney has been releasing discounts like popcorn.  In fact Disney has released so many discounts that people don’t wait for them anymore.  People have started booking the resort they want and sit back and wait for a discount they can apply to their booking.

That’s not a bad idea but it poses the question – What happens if no discount is released? Do you take it one the chin and pay rack rates or would you cancel your booking?

What it boils down to is how much have you invested already.  You can get your deposit back if you cancel in time.  What about airfare?  That can be a major issue.  If you get a good price on airfare and lock it in you might be stuck with it unless you pay a large fee.  It’s not uncommon to pay a $100 per ticket change / cancelation fee when you try to cancel a flight you have already booked.  On the other hand if you wait to book your airfare the price might shoot through the roof and you’ll pay much more if you do decide to go.  It’s a sticky situation.

If I had booked my airfare I’m going to take the vacation unless something really bad happens.  It’s really hard for me to turn around and tell people I’m not going anymore.  Work would be annoyed because they already did the scheduling for it and my wife would be annoyed because she would have been looking forward to it.

For some people though it does make sense to cancel outright. If you are driving down or live near Disney you can easily sit it out and wait.  In that case you might have little or no monetary loss if you cancel your trip but can you mentally deal with?

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