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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow White Bites the Apple

It’s now official – The Scary Adventures of Snow White is getting shutdown.  What’s amazing is - not many people are really upset about it.  I think the fact that a new Snow White related ride is coming is helping to temper people.

In some ways I’ll miss Snow White.  I remember riding it as a kid.  The witch scared me.  The part that really scared me was when she was trying to drop the boulder.  I have no idea why it scared me it just did. 

Years later I was happy to know I wasn’t alone.  Lots of kids have been frightened by Snow White over the years.

I do feel bad for family with the autistic child who have ridden this ride some ridiculous number of times.  Actually I should say I feel bad for the child.  He’ll be upset.  I bet the parents broke down and cried tears of joy when the announcement was made.

One thing I do expect to happen now.  I expect to see a record number of YouTube videos of this attraction spring up.  I have to say that’s one area where YouTube is priceless.  It allows us to see all the attractions we’ve lost over the years.

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