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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Outsourcing – Disney’s Dark Side

One thing I disagree with on a large scale is outsourcing.  On a small scale it can let small businesses offer services they otherwise could not afford.  In some cases it allows a business to offer a better quality service by using a company that specializes in a certain area. 

Outsourcing to save money almost always fails.  Look at HP and other huge companies.  They like to outsource their call centers.  I don’t call their call centers.  If I can’t do it on my own, guess what?  I return the product and buy their competitor.  The reason is the service tends to be so poor at their out sourced companies I’d rather get in my car and drive somewhere than deal with them.

Disney has gotten in the bad habit of outsourcing.  The two areas are the “Magical” “Express” and their luggage transfer service.  If you have to deal with either service you realize that something just isn’t “Magical.”  The fact is those services are not up to Disney standards. 

I don’t doubt for a minute that Disney is saving money by using these services, but that doesn’t make it right.  If you have a problem with these services Disney quickly passes the buck and refuses to take any responsibility.  They are quick to inform you that those are not Disney run services if something goes wrong.  There is a good chance this is the only time you will hear Disney inform you of that fact.

In my opinion, if you outsource something you are just as responsible for what happens as that company.  I know that’s not legally correct but I stand firm in saying it’s morally correct.  If you don’t want to take responsibility for the other company then don’t use them.

Disney isn’t alone.  Most travel companies outsource in some way.  To be honest I don’t care if you do but I don’t think the services that directly impact your customers should ever be outsourced. If you want to hire another company for waste removal or maintenance then go ahead.  If you are going to outsource your bus drivers or ticket sellers then I have a problem with that.


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