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Thursday, January 20, 2011

CMDTA on Vacation: St. Kitts

Continuing on my overview of islands when you are broke – St. Kitts!  St. Kitts has one of the most generic port areas in all the islands.  It’s crammed full of shops, bars, and touring companies.  80% of the shops are jewelry stores, 10% are liquor stores, and the rest sell crap.

If you can’t tell already I wasn’t impressed by the shopping in St. Kitts.  The bars weren’t much better.  Unlike in St. Maarten the prices for beer are insanely low.  You can find some good deals but you’ll have to hunt for them.  If you want a mixed drink you are going to pay a fair amount for it. 

On the subjects of drinks I should mention my experience with non-alcoholic drinks in St. Kitts.  I was being good so I ordered a Diet Coke.  What they gave me was a Coke Lite.  Coke Lite looks like a Diet Coke but tastes very different.  I can understand why the name is different but I’m not sure why you would change the formula.  It wasn’t awful it was just different.

On really strange thing you’ll run into in a lot of the shops in St. Kitts are the skeletons.  It seems like every shop has some creepy motorized skeleton that shakes. I might be able to understand this if it was Halloween but not a week after Thanksgiving.  I really don’t know why all the shop keepers thought these were a good idea.

A final note about St. Kitts – Look out for the monkey people.  There are a lot of people walking around the port are with monkeys.  Most of the monkeys are wearing diapers. Their goal is to put a monkey on your shoulder so you’ll pay them money to have your picture taken with the monkey.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want anything wearing a diaper on my shoulder. 

Overall St. Kitts isn’t the best stop if you are broke.  You might be better off just staying on the boat unless you want to grab a couple of beers.

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