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Monday, December 13, 2010

400 Posts - Somone Must Have Lost a Bet by Now

Somehow I made it to 400 posts.  I think I’ll adopt the slogan “I succeed despite my best efforts.”

In the last 100 posts I rolled out a number of photos, videos, and accidently my two of my most popular posts ever.  I don’t know why or how it happened but someone running another Disney site that people actually visit linked to one of my posts about a new fake marathon.  Sadly most of the people hitting my blog had no idea what they were in for. No one complained but I’m guessing a lot of people were not pleased. The other post drew people because they thought it might be true.  COME ONE PEOPLE! Did you really think Disney was going to off Light Cycle rentals in it's parks?

Those people are the first group I’ll apologize to. If you’ve never read one of my round up posts, I don’t thank people anymore I apologize to them for mentioning them on the worst Disney blog on the net.

Here are the others I’d like to apologize to:

Mr. Potato Head – It wasn’t even a good photo but I posted it anyways.

The Power Rangers – Even though I really don’t like you I know I kicked you while you guys were down.

Father from the Carousel of Progress – You were the brunt of one of my meanest posts ever.

Anyone who works at any Disney Resort – I’m sure you don’t appreciate the fake nicknames.

Michael Eisner

People Who Like Mission Space

The Yeti

Kodak – I would have run for the hills too.

Donald Duck – I know your not an insane terrorist.

Len Testa – I must have made fun of you at some point in the last 100 posts.  If not I’m really losing my edge.

Lou Mongello – For stealing your idea for a restaurant.

Now without any further shenanigans here are the last 100 posts.  It might not look like it but all of the titles are linked to the posts.

Post #301
A photo of the best audio animatronic in Disney World

Post #302
The classic fireworks show from a secret location.

Post #303
My review of the much beloved dining location

Post #304
A true story about what happens when things go wrong on the tower of terror.

Post #305
A decent photo of the neon Soarin sign.

Post #306
My second review of the San Angel Inn.  You also find out why I always go to this restaurant when in Disney World.

Post #307
I celebrate the announcement that the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers got dropped by Disney.

Post #308
Want to read a review about a bad restaurant?  Well here you go.

Post #309
I explain in this post when Disney has some of the best queues anywhere.

Post #310
My review of the Downtown Disney eatery.

Post #311
I explain why the Princess and the Frog is one of the worst Disney movies ever.

Post #312
It’s been a while since I did a truly demented post.  It was long over due.

Post #313
A photo of some of the harder to see animals on the tree of life.

Post #314
My review of the Hall of Presidents.  I got to do it without my wife.  Which means I didn’t have to listen to someone complain.

Post #315
A photo of Cinderella’s Castle during the 25th anniversary celebration.

Post #316
An overview of the good, the bad, and the ugly rides when you have a bad back.

Post #317
A true story about how a well meaning cast member can put you in the dog house.

Post #318
Lets go hang out in a giant tree house! Oh joy!

Post #319
I ride Pooh again.  I guess I’m a slow learner.

Post #320
A photo of the dumbest cowboy boots you’ve ever seen.

Post #321
A fake news story about the Splash Mountain redesign.

Post #322
A photo proving that Disney hasn’t abandoned educational attractions.

Post #323
My plan to ruin Golden Oaks.  This post was inspired by Elizabeth Barrett’s Facebook post.

Post #324
My review of the Tiki Room.  It makes me sad.

Post #325
I compare the two versions and explain which I like better.

Post #326
I do a review of the boring, misguided movie in China.

Post #327
A nice photo of the Illuminations show in Epcot.

Post #328
A fake news story about Universal turning fat people away and Disney helping them out.

Post #329
I do a comparison of the morning and evening extra magic hours.  Beyond time there is a huge difference.

Post #330
I explain why I bought another hat when I don’t wear hats.

Post #331
I describe a new YouTube video that covers one family over 25 years of Disney vacations.

Post #332
A fake news story about one of the animatronics resigning from the Carousel of Progress.

Post #333
A new YouTube video that only took me six months to get to.

Post #334
True stories about some of the grumpiest people in Disney World.

Post #335
I explain the real reason why the Magic Kingdom is dry in this post.

Post #336
I expose what the most neglected park is and explain why it qualifies as the most neglected park.

Post #337
My idea for an amazing Disney video game that will never happen.

Post #338
A fake news story about a Disney Donkey being decorated.

Post #339
The first round of the Resort Rivalry series.

Post #340
A nice photo of World Showcase just before Illuminations begins

Post #341
An honest look at Michael Eisner’s Impact on the Disney Company

Post #342
A rant about one of the worst rides in Epcot – Mission Space

Post #343
A fun fake news story about the status of Jose the Yeti

Post #344
A great nighttime photo taken in Frontier Land

Post #345
I do an overview of things that should be made into movies and movies that should be remade.

Post #346
I explain why Disney raises their ticket prices every year in this post.

Post #347
A photo of Burt and Mary in a parade.

Post #348
Part two of the fake cast member rivalry.  This one is full of insults that can be used to offend numerous cast members.

Post #349
A fake news story about how Disney plans to attract boys to the new Fantasy Land Expansion.

Post #350
A Decent photo from the Hoop Dee Doo Review

Post #351
A fake news story about monkeys invading the Swiss Family Tree House

Post #352
A fake interview with a Disney spokesman about the dynamite chewing goat on Big Thunder Mountain

Post #353
I officially announce my next trip to Disney World.

Post #354
The last of the resort rivalry series.

Post #355
I review one of the worst attractions in Disney World!

Post #356
A photo of Jim Henson’s imprint in front of the Great Movie Ride. 

Post #357
I give props to Mongello.  Please do not send hatemail.

Post #358
A decent photo of Spaceship Earth in the Morning

Post #359
An overview of the places to injure yourself in Disney World.

Post #360
I expose something that Carnival likes to keep hidden.

Post #361
My overview of the rumors people spread about Walt Disney and how true they are.

Post #362
A decent photo of the inside of the Tower of Terror lobby.

Post #363
A dire prediction of horrid weather on it’s way.

Post #364
My overview of Kodak ending their sponsorship of the Imagination Pavilion.

Post #365
I provide a list of people who are addicted to google.

Post #366
A fake news story about Donald Duck going nuts.

Post #367
A list you can use to know when you’ve gone nanners.

Post #368
I explain where to find a big design flaw in Disney World.   I also explain why it’s a flaw.

Post #369
A cool photo from the seas pavilion.

Post #370
A list of 20 must follow rules while in Disney World.

Post #371
The announcement of a new brutal marathon and of course it’s fake.

Post #372
An old school photo taken with an old school camera.

Post #373
Some tips and tricks for getting the most out of the dining plan.

Post #374
Blog Updates

Post #375
I explain why it’s an honor to be a deek.

Post #376
I give some simple advice for people who want to take better photos

Post #377
Failed Disney Slogans
A list of fake Disney Slogans that never saw the light of day.

Post #378
A half decent photo taken in one of the darkest parts of the Haunted Mansion

Post #379

Post #380
Disney Announces New Crowd Control Method
A crazy post about using shrinking rays to fit more people onto rides.

Post #381
My top ten list of the best movies of all time.

Post # 382
I show a decent fireworks photo and explain how you can take it.

Post #383
CMDTA’s Worst Movies of All Time
I do my top ten worst movies list.

Post #384
In this part of photo tips I explain the different settings on the average camera and when to use some of them.

Post #385
A joke news story about a new promotion where you can help build Disney World.

Post #386
A fake news story about Disney trying to milk as much money as possible out of Tron Legacy.

Post #387
My announcement and reaction to Disney shutting down the Food and Wine Festival in Disney Land for two years.

Post #388
Toy Story 3 Review
I finally watch Toy Story 3 and give everyone my two cents.

Post #389
A photo of Illuminations taken with a Fireworks setting.

Post #390
A fake news story about Disney banning ugly people from their parks because of their new promotion.

Post #391
I explain why Carnival has some of the worst customer service in the cruise industry in this post.

Post #392
I explain how Disney fireworks are different from normal fireworks displays.

Post #393
I explain why an on-ride photo can be a painful experience for some people.

Post #394
I explain why some Disney films die before they even hit the screens in this post.

Post #395
A Photo of the topiary versions of Mickey and Minnie at night with Cinderella’s Castle in the background.

Post #396
I tell what Disney song gets me out of bed.

Post #397
It’s what you think.  A list of upcoming topics with some good old fashion NCL bashing.

Post #398
In the return of the CMDTA series I explain why flying is just awful.

Post #399
CMDTA on Vacation – Pre-Cruise Hotel
I relate the my experience with one of  the worst shuttle services EVER!

If you missed the past group lists -  here they are:

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