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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photo of the Week - Illuminations

Taking pictures of fireworks can be easy.  There are a few things you to do to ensure your photos come out.  

This photo wasn't taken with a night or fireworks setting and a flash was not use.  There are a few ways to get this photo with most cameras.  First turn your flash off. Next put the camera in Landscape mode.  If your camera doesn't have a landscape mode putting it into daytime mode might work.  Next get as close to the fireworks as you can. Finally put the camera on a railing or other flat surface.

When you tell the camera to use a certain mode it defaults some of the settings.  Normally at night the camera will automatically try to use a mode that is too sensitive and your photos will come out blurry unless you are using a tripod.  Putting it into a daytime mode lets you capture photos like this.

Most cameras can capture this photo because the ISO is only 800. That means it's low light but not to an extreme degree. Once you get above that you really need a good camera and a tripod.

Next week I'll post a photo taken with the fireworks setting turned on so you can see the difference.

This photo was taken with this camera.  It's good in low light and a great overall camera:

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