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Friday, October 15, 2010

People Actually Like Deeks

Being a Disney fan and being over the age of 18 often brings strange looks, a number of questions, and a little teasing.  Some people are discouraged by this and try to keep their secret deek identities hidden.  I’m here to let everyone know that it’s a mistake to keep your deekness hidden.

If people know you’re a deek they might tease you a little but in reality they do not forget the fact that you know more about Disney than they ever will.  This normally proves itself within a few years.

If there is one thing you can bank on it’s that people change.  People get married, have kids, and go on vacation.  On a number of occasions I’ve been approached by co-workers, friends, and even friends of friends who are going to Disney World for the first time and have no idea where to start.  Some of the very people who made fun of me for being a deek came to me for help after they had kids and realized they are going to Disney World whether they like it or not.

The best thing about someone coming to you for help isn’t talking about Disney.  It’s not the fact the other person is eating a little humble pie either.  The best thing is knowing that you are helping someone avoid some of the biggest Disney mistakes.  It’s knowing that you are making someone’s vacation much better.  It’s knowing that in a few months the world will have another deek.

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