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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Disney Vacation Rules of Etiquette

Don’t be “that” guest. You know the guest I’m talking about. The one who drives everyone else crazy and think they have the right to do it because they paid good money for their vacation.

Make sure you follow these rules and reminders:

1 – Thou shall not let thy kids go uncontrolled because they are on vacation.

2 – Thou shall not fart in the queue.

3 – Thou will not yell at the cast member because thou didn’t have the sense to make an ADR, understand the dining plan, or were refused alcohol in the Magic Kingdom.

4 – Thou shall wear proper clothing. Not clothing that leaves little to the imagination, is offensive, obscene, or dirty.

5 – Thou shall smoke in the smoking areas not any where thy feels like it.

6 – Thou shall remember that thy waiter is not a baby sitter.

7 – Thou shall not cut in line. This includes parade and fireworks viewing.

8 – Thou shall turn off thy viewfinder on dark rides.

9 – Thou shall remember that sound travels and not discuss topics of a person nature in a crowded location.

10 – Thou shall not give the person with the turkey leg a dirty look because thy does not eat meat.

11 – Thou shall chew with ones mouth CLOSED.

12 – Thou shall not speak while chewing.

13 – Thou shall not complain about large crowds when thy did not check or another similar resource.

14 – Thou shall not belch loudly in a dining location.

15 – Thou will not complain about sore feet when thy wore improper footwear.

16 – Thou will not remind thy child that thy paid a lot for the Disney vacation when said child is acting up.

17 – Thou shall remember that a wheelchair is not a battering ram.

18 – Thou shall not over indulge in alcoholic beverages and then toss thy cookies in front of everyone.

19 – Thou shall not complain if thy spent all day in the sun without sunscreen.

20 – Thou shall not be stupid.

I think 20 sums up all the others. When all else fails refer to number 20.

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