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Friday, October 29, 2010

CMDTA’s Worst Movies of All Time

Top Ten lists are common but who really takes time to give a nod to the worst? I DO!

1. From Justin to Kelly (2003) – Do I really need to say more? I lasted five minutes…FIVE MINUTES!

2. Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991) – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was a fun movie that really gained a cult following. The sequel is proof as to why some movies should never have sequels. This movie is just awful.

3. Lady in the Water (2006) – Awful doesn’t quite describe this movie. The stench of this movie is just epic. It’s an awful story that just doesn’t work and makes me sad to even think about it.

4. American Pie (1999) – A lot of my peers love this movie. I HATE THIS MOVIE. It tries to use gross out humor but it ends up being more, gross out than humor. This movie also had an awful story. I actually think the story offends me on many levels. I really hate this movie.

5. 2012 (2010) – Special effects, no matter how good, can’t make up for a story that could have been written by a brain damaged monkey.

6. The Day After Tomorrow (2004) – Not even Emmy Rossum (one of my favorites) could save this moldly turd of a movie. I don’t even want to go into details. It’s just not good. However, it is a better movie than 2012.

7. Relic (1997) – In this history of converting a book to a movie this has to be the worst case I’ve ever seen. Relic is an amazing book with indepth characters. Many people also call this book the 1st Agent Pendergast book. They cut Agent Pendergast out of the movie. This movie is so bad I wouldn’t let my wife see it after she read the book.
8. Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End (2007) – How you go from one of the best movies ever made (Curse of the Black Pearl) to this movie astounds me. I hated this movie. The story is rotten. After the first film they really gave up on story and just tried to amaze people with special effects.
9 – Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979) – The Poseidon Adventure was creepy and fun. This movie was just stupid. They tried to capitalize on the success of the original and ended up with an awful movie that makes my brain hurt when I think about it.
10 – Alien Resurrection (1997) – This movie had it’s moments but in the end it just wasn’t good. The story was crummy and failed in so many ways. It’s a shame that the Alien movies got progressively worse and worse.

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