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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Resort Rivalry – Part Three: The Deluxe Resorts

This is the final group in the Resort Rivalry.

Yacht Club – “Gilligan” – The insults accuses the cast member of being a stupid incompetent buffoon like Gilligan on “Gilligan’s Island.” This one kind of backfired as Gilligan is also a much beloved, iconic TV character and the cast members at the Yacht Club have taken the name on with delight.

Beach Club – “Bum” – In the most uninspired of all the Disney nicknames, this insult was inflicted by a cast member who tried to become a member of the “Two Lap Club” which is someone who successfully drinks around the world twice, back to back, and doesn’t die. On his second loop he made it to Japan but was so intoxicated his friend, who happened to work at the Beach Club, said he should stop. The intoxicated cast member slurred out “Bum” and then fell off his stool and passed out. For some reason the name stuck.

Boardwalk – “Butt Barfer” – This one makes no sense unless you know the story. A large group of Boardwalk employees gathered together at the Flying Fish to celebrate a retiring employee. Most of them ate the fish that was on special that night. All of them got food poisoning and spent three days suffering from chronic diarrhea.

Wilderness Lodge – “Wolf Lover” – An insult completely base on the theme at the Wilderness Lodge. Wolves are often depicted in western art and décor. Its first usage is unknown. The reception at the Wilderness Lodge is mixed. Some cast members enjoy the nickname because they really are wolf lovers. Others find the insult quite annoying.

Animal Kingdom Lodge – “Lion Bait” - It’s still unknown as to how this nickname came about. Some feel that it was started by a feebleminded cast member who didn’t realize that there are no lions at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. You can see a giraffe up close but good luck if you are looking for a lion. Other people think this originated from an incident when an intoxicated cast member fell out of safari truck near the lion section of Kilimanjaro Safari’s. The only problem with that story is fact that the cast member didn’t work at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Contemporary – “Goat Legger” – This insult is based on the large mosaic that can be found in the atrium at the Contemporary. In that mosaic you can find a goat that has five legs. How this translated into an insult for every cast member at the Contemporary is unknown.

Grand Floridian – “Gerry” – Slang for someone who could be considered geriatric, Gerry is based on the fact that old people tend to like the Grand Floridian more than other resorts. It’s not quite clear if that’s because kids don’t like the Grand Floridian or if old people like the boring theme. Regardless of the reason the seniors love of the resort has resulted in all of the cast members having a new nickname.

Polynesian – “Poo Flinging Monkey” – In the most backwards and ridiculous of all the resort insults, an amazing display of stupidity was involved in the creation of this insult. During an argument a cast member of low intelligence called another cast member a “poo flinging monkey” because she worked at the Polynesian. There are so many things wrong with that statement it’s hard to comprehend. First Polynesia isn’t really known for its monkeys. Secondly most monkeys do not throw poo. Thirdly if a monkey did throw poo it would be due to someone being really annoying. Maybe that’s what makes this such an offensive insult; the fact that it makes no sense.

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