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Friday, September 3, 2010

Back in the World

Against all odds it looks like I’m going back to Disney from October 19th to the 26th, 2011. I guess Food and Wine was a big enough draw from my wife and my niece. I’m also banking on the fact that Disney is going to release a round of discounts for that time period. I just hope it’s not the normal “free dining.” I want a good room discount. 40% off a deluxe room is much better than free dining.

I’ll be hitting up some new stuff to review. Here are some of those subjects:

Resort Review: The Polynesian

Dining Review: Ohana

Dining Review: Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Dining Review: Biergarten

Dining Review: Momma Melrose

Dining Review: Akershus

Dining Review: Jiko

Dining Revisit: Chef’s De France

Dining Revisit: Le Cellier

Dining Revisit: San Angel Inn

Dining Revisit: Kona Café

Dining Revisit: Yack and Yeti

Dining Revisit: Brown Derby

Dining Revisit: Liberty Tree Tavern

Dining Revisit: 50’s Prime Time

Random Disney Stories

Food and Wine Festival

Review: Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

Overview: Fantasy Land Expansion Progress

These subjects could change. I think that goes without saying. We’re 13 months out and nothing has even been reserved yet.

Sorry I seriously doubt I’ll be doing Fantasmic so don’t ask. The only guaranteed way I’ll end up seeing it is if it starts playing everyday. There is a chance that if one of our days ends early and Fantasmic is playing that night we might head over to see it.

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