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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Resort Rivalry – Part One: The Value Resorts

Rivalries are nothing new. The Yankees and Red Sox have a legendary rivalry. The Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Army all have derogatory nicknames for members of the other branches. You can go on and on just listing rivalries and their impact on society. However, there is one rivalry that has gone under the radar for years. The rivalry between the different Disney resorts. Did you each resort has a derogatory nickname for their employees? We’ll start with the Value Resorts.

Pop Century: “Pimple POP-er” - the nickname came about when a cast member at the Contemporary resort told a cast member who worked at Pop Century to go “POP the pimple on his backside. Apparently the two had been drinking around the world and ended up in a dispute about who was buying in the next country. The pimple popping reference stuck.

All-Star Music – “Trumpet Face” – The insult references the large fake trumpets that decorate the resort but was originally used against one unfortunate employee who had a very large nose.

All-Star Sports – “Strike Out” – Many take this insult to be a lame take on the sports theme. They are wrong. The actual reference came from the fact that All-Star Sports is a value resort. One intoxicated cast member teased a cast member who worked at Sports and told him that he must have struck out and that’s why he did end up at a better resort.

All-Star Movies – “Fail B” – This insult accuses cast members at the All-Star Movies Resort of being such bad actors that they couldn’t even land a B-movie roll. Rumor has it that one cast member tried out for one of the awful monster movies on the SyFy channel and earned this nickname for all cast members at Music.

In part two, we’ll cover the Moderate resorts.

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