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Monday, April 5, 2010


Streetmosphere are the mini, random shows that the “Citizens of Hollywood” perform on a couple of the streets in Disney Hollywood Studios. It’s one of the best things about DHS.

On my last vacation I got to experience a few different Streetmosphere shows. The first was a Dorma Nesmond photo shoot. The premise was they trying to film a commercial but people kept walking through the shot. Of course they waited for someone to walk through the shot to start each time. When someone walked into the shot the director would throw his bullhorn at them. Dorma Nesmond is a very quirky actress who hinders things as well. The third part to the show was camera operator who wants to be famous.

The best part about this show is the interactivity. I was filming it so the director started calling me camera two and wanted to make sure I was ready to start filming. Dorma kept walking right up to my camera and doing funny things.

This was the best show I’ve seen in Disney World. I was glad I captured it. I’d share the video but my basset hound chewed the memory card. I lost all my footage of the Animal Kingdom and a vast majority of my DHS footage. Over an hour and a half of HD footage was destroyed forever. The only video from that card that survived is the Festival of the Lion King only because I converted that part it first. To put it lightly I was very upset.

The one Streetmosphere show I can share and will share shortly is the “Department of Public Works.” This was a good show. It consisted of the supervisor and his two idiot underlings. All they had to do was setup some work cones. It took them a long time to get them setup thanks to the idiots. Then they had clean up. The idiots asked why. The Supervisor said its break time. The idiots broke down in record time while the supervisors back was turned.

I’ll try to get this video posted before my dog finds a why to destroy that card too.

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