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Monday, April 19, 2010

Beauty and the Beast Live

I’d never really thought about going to go see Beauty and the Beast Live in Disney’s Hollywood Studios but my wife and I were trying to kill some time while we were waiting for our fast passes to become valid. We walked in and took our seats with about five minutes to spare.

One of the best things about this show is it is really live. I know that sounds dumb and the name should have told me that. However, the actors actually sing. After seeing Voyage of the Little Mermaid I was surprised by that.

If you like Beauty and the Beast you will love this show. It has a number of the big songs from the movie. It has most of the characters from the movie too. The costumes are spot on. There are no real special effects. It’s much more a traditional stage show.

The length of the show was good. It came in around thirty minutes. So they didn’t have to really butcher the story like they did in the little mermaid.

I do have one complaint but it’s not really related to the show. Once you are a few minutes into the show, SHUT THE DOOR!!!!! DO NOT let late comers in. I can’t even tell you how many times I had to move, stand up, or lean to see what was going on because people showed up late. The worst case was someone who chose our row to sit in and we all had to stand up to let them in. This happened during the final scene. THE FINAL SCENE! Why?!? They saw about two minutes of the show.

Overall I will do this attraction again. It was worth doing. I will sit closer to the stage next time to avoid as many of the late comers as I can.

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