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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Unofficially Banned From Disney World

The State of NH issued a press release late last week which unofficially banned the Cousin Mickey Doesn't Talk About from ever traveling to Disney World again.

The unprecedented move is in response to recent weather related events.

In 2008 CMDTA traveled to Disney World. A few days after he left the most devastating ice storm in NH history struck leaving some without power for nearly two weeks.

In February 2010, just hours after CMDTA left the ground, a massive nor' easter slammed into the North East leaving many without power for nearly a week.

Many are complaining that the authorities didn't take the warnings seriously. Months before CMDTA left authorities were warned that poor weather was possible. (see Awful Weather Predicted for the First Week in March)

When questioned as to why they did not take the warnings seriously, spokesman for the State of NH, a talking jar of maple syrup responded, "We are taking the warnings seriously now. We never thought one person visiting Disney World could cause so much chaos. We know better now."

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