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Monday, March 29, 2010

It’s a Small, Awful, Painful, Boring, World

My wife and I had a fast pass for Peter Pan, 20 minutes to wait, and didn’t want to backtrack after a day of bouncing around the Magic Kingdom. What could we do?

It’s a Small World had a zero wait time so we got on. There is a reason it had a zero wait time. That should have been a warning for us.

I’d been on It’s a Small World when I was a kid. I didn’t remember out right hating it but things change over time. To say this ride was painful is an understatement. It was awful. I’ll have night terrors for months because of this ride. Only drugs could have made this ride enjoyable.

How bad could it be? It was so bad my wife and I wished we had sat on bench for the 20 minutes we had to wait for Peter Pan. People watching would have been much better.

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