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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Festival of the Lion King

During my most recent Disney vacation I tried a number of rides I hadn’t done before, or had not done in a long time. The first on the list is the Festival of the Lion King found in Camp Minnie Mickey in the Animal Kingdom.

I was really surprised by the Festival of the Lion King. I was expecting the old Lion King show that used to be where Philharmagic is now. I was not expecting an immersive stage show with live singers, acrobats, and flame dancers.

This is a must see show. It’s one of the best shows in any Disney part. This isn’t just a show for kids even though kids would go nuts for this show. The show is broken up into four sections. Each section is amazing in its own way. The show is a little over 30 minutes so each section has plenty of time and doesn’t feel rushed. The two sections that really stand out are the monkey guys jumping on the trampolines with the gymnastics equipment mixed in (check out my video to see what I’m talking about). The other part that really stands out is the fire juggler. I really don’t know how that gut doesn’t get seriously burned. When you see it you’ll know what I mean.

The only drawback of the show is that it’s loud. Nothing booming or anything like that, it’s just too loud overall. The volume could be turned down a little.

Overall it’s a great attraction that everyone should see.

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