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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tent Fest Revenge

I planned my trip to Disney World when buy four get three free was announced. I was excited because I got the dates I was looking at and the resort I wanted.

Something happened a few days later that was discouraging. An announcement was made on the WDW Today Podcast that Tent Fest would happen in March starting on the 5th. I was discouraged because that meant that I would only get to check it out on the 5th.

My discouragement got worse when the Tent Fest schedule was released. Tent Fest would start at 3pm. I leave for the airport at 4pm, making it impossible to enjoy any of the Tent Fest shenanigans.

I thought this was odd. Why would the event line up perfectly so I would miss all of it despite being in WDW? Well, I looked into it.

The timing of Tent Fest was perfectly planned to keep me from attending. That might sound odd and you might ask why would the guys at WDW Today want to keep the Cousin Mickey Doesn’t Talk About out of their party?

Here is why. I exposed the truth behind Matt Hochberg’s absence from the podcast when he got “married.” I told everyone that he really took the time off to participate in the “Not So Amazing Race” with Van of the Netcot podcast. That was supposed to be a secret. (see the Hochberg Conspiracy)

I also exposed why Matt is afraid of Dinosaur. He doesn’t like the fact that I told the world about his run in with Barney the dinosaur. (See Matt Hochberg Isn’t Afraid of Dinosaur)

I also exposed the secrets of the other members of the WDW Today podcast. Like Len Testa being an alien (Len Testa – Tequila – The Shocking Connection), Mike Scopa being a cyborg (Mike Scopa’s Dark Secret), Mike Newell being a criminal mastermind (Don’t Mess With Mike Newell), and Annette Owens being an evil warlord (Annette Owens – Butt Kicker).

I thought those were harmless. It’s not like the stuff I wrote about Lou Mongello. You don’t see Mongello harboring a grudge.

Next time I’m going to wait until they plan something, sign up under a fake name, then crash the event with a car full of poo flinging monkeys (I know I haven’t mentioned poo flinging monkeys in a long time).

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