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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to Make It to Your Trip

I have less than thirty days until my trip. This is one of the worst times. You are too far out to do anything productive except sit in your seat and twitch.

I’m normally really good about blocking vacations out of my head so I don’t get excited about them until I leave for the airport. Disney is the only exception. Since I was a kid I’d be nuts as soon as I found out I was going to Disney and didn’t really calm down until I was there.

One thing that helps with keeping any vacation out of your mind is looking ahead to see everything that is between you and your trip. That might not sound like it would calm you down but when you list out all the too dos it does. For example when you realize you have two hair cuts, eight paydays, a dentist appointment, a handful of dates, and a number of others things it tends to take the air out of your sails.

That really works if you only put positive things on your list. Then you realize you have other fun things coming up. If you don’t have any fun things coming up you need to get out more. Go see a movie or something.

I will say something you should not do. Do not listen to Disney podcasts. That really does not help calm you down. In fact it just makes it worse. Another thing that really doesn’t help is looking at old photos. I think that’s actually worse than listening to podcasts.

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