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Friday, January 15, 2010

The WDW Today Chronicles

As you may or may not know I pull a lot of my ideas from the Disney community. I’ve done posts on the gang at the DIS, Ricky Brigante, Lou Mongello, Nathan Rose, Jim Hill, Deb Wills, and Van at Netcot. However no one has been abuse more than the gang at the WDW Today Podcast.

I’ve done so many posts about WDW Today I couldn’t keep track of them. That’s why I organized everything I’ve written into the WDW Today Chronicles. Below is an organized brake down…or record of abuse depending on how you look at it.

Matt Hochberg

The Hochberg Conspiracy: This was the post that started it all. An epic death match between Van at Netcot and Matt Hochberg which landed on of them in the hospital for more than a month.

Matt Hochberg Isn’t Afraid of Dinosaur: I reveal the why Matt claims to be afraid of Dinosaur including his secret encounter with Barney.

Len Testa

Len Testa – Tequila – The Shocking Connection: The first full post on Len Testa turned out to be a shocker. So many questions were answered in this post. Why Len acts like he does, why people drink Moxie, why Len loves Tequila, and who actually likes Stich’s Great Escape.

Len Testa Hates Donald Duck: I expose a huge, brutal feud between Len and Donald Duck in this post. From duck eating to alien abuse, it’s all here.

Massive Fire in NC Linked to Podcast Personality: I explain why it’s not a good idea to abuse an iPhone in this post about Len’s addiction to Mouse World Radio.

Mexico’s Tequila Bar Has Disastrous Opening: Everyone knows Len loves Tequila. So what could go wrong with Disney opening up a Tequila Bar? Maybe insane bingeing and cast member abuse?

Disney Worlds Unofficial Marathons: Not a full post about Len but I did name a unofficial marathon after him.

Authorities Track Maple Syrup Abuse to Disney Podcast: And you thought it was funny when Len drank maple syrup. He started a crisis with far reaching consequences.

Mike Scopa

Mike Scopa’s Dark Secret: Possibly the most demented post I’ve ever done about another human being. Did you know how old Mike Scopa really is? I expose it in this story.

Awful Weather Predicted for the First Week of March: What happens when Mike Scopa goes to Disney World? It rains, freezes, or some other weather nightmare. It’s so bad the weatherman have started basing predictions on his trips.

Mike Newell

Don’t Mess With Mike Newell: It’s always the quiet ones. You’d never guess Mike Newell was an evil mastermind would you?

Epcot Runs Out of Nachos: Did you know Mike Newell started an epidemic?

Annette Owens

Annette Owens: Butt Kicker: You think Annette is a nice southern belle don’t you? HA! I expose the truth in this shocking story. Beware of Annette’s Army.


WDW Today Starts Their Fifth Season Without a Fatality: Yes there is a reason why no fatalities is surprising.

Facebook is Evil but Everyone Is On It: Guess who is quick draw McGraw on Facebook.

WDW Today Does the Oregon Trail: What would happen if the gang from the WDW Today Podcast were forced to do the Oregon Trail? It was anything but fabulous.

One Big Dysfunctional Family: Ever been on a live show? You don’t know what you are missing.

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