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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol is in Disney World! Great…

I am very neutral about American Idol. I watch the train wrecks at the beginning and shut it off as soon as it hits Hollywood.

When I heard that American Idol was going to be at DHS I got a little confused. Why is a Fox show getting an attraction at a them park who’s parent company owns ABC? There must be some explanation. I’m sure it’s about as interesting as watching paint dry too. I really don’t care about what shenanigans took place for it to happen, I’m just happy it did. Why would I care if I don’t really watch the show? I like rides / attractions that can hold hundreds of people. The reason is simple too. Attractions like the pull people away from the rides I want to go on allowing me to spend less time in line. You won’t find me anywhere near that attraction unless I’m really bored, I’m really tired, or It’s really hot out.

Some people say that you just have to go because there is a chance that you might see the next American Idol before they even make it on the show. Whoop dee doo! I can’t name the people who have won the show. I know a few. Kelly “I Hate Men” Clarkson, the guy who looks like Fat Albert (I miss Fat Albert. That was a great cartoon), There is the girl who sings about wrecking some guys car. Fantasia – I know her first name and that’s it. There’s dude with the grey hair. There is a David. I only know that because it was between two guys named David and because there was a really funny YouTube video of a bunch of girls flipping out because their David didn’t win. Umm…there must be someone else…I know the “She Bangs” guy didn’t win. Didn’t one of the Seven Dwarfs win? I hear Sleepy has a killer voice. Oh wait he’s too old.

Now that I think of it there is a way to get me in that theater. Have the battle of the Disney stars. Do an American Idol show with Marry Poppins, Ariel, the Seven Dwarfs, Sebastian the Crab, and any other character that’s sung a song in a Disney Film. That would be fun. My money is on Marry Poppins. I hear she carries around a homemade shank in her magical purse. You don’t mess with someone like that and you’d either vote for her or stay in a public place at all times unless you want to be found face down in Bay Lake.

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