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Friday, February 27, 2009

What’s up With the World Showcase?

I’ve always enjoyed the World Showcase. Most of the countries represented are well done. When it first opened with future world it was a known fact that it wasn’t complete. More countries would be added later. After the first few years everyone believed it. Two countries were added after it opened.

It’s been over twenty years since Norway was opened. Excuse me but what happened? Did World Showcase offend someone? Did it somehow become the ugly stepchild that everyone wants to ignore? It’s hard for me to really understand why the progression stopped. I hate leaving things half done. If I start something I want to finish it.

I realize everything ground to halt because Epcot started making money and Disney couldn’t find any countries willing to pony up the ridiculous amount of money that’s needed to build and support a pavilion. However, after the economy gets better go out and hit these countries up. They are big enough to be able to chip in some of the money.

India – They have the money. Most of it’s ours so what’s the problem? India would really add to the overall diversity of the World Showcase. There are all sorts of ride or movie possibilities that could easily fit into the theming of this pavilion. Ok so there is a problem with the whole Kashmir conflict but you could spin that into an interactive exhibit where you could launch shells over the mountains into Pakistan. Oh yeah there is that caste system too. Yeah, that kind of stinks. Other than that this is a great choice.

South Korea – This could be a great pavilion. South Korea has…stuff. They make decent cheap cars…umm…Oh yeah isn’t Samsung from South Korea? Well at least you’d have three potential sponsors. I’ve heard it’s a nice county. I had a boss that was from South Korea and I’m sure not everyone there is like her…I hope. So they might sometimes take their shoes off and beat each other with them when trying to pass legislation, but I’m sure it’s well deserved. Oh wait! That might have happened in Thailand.

Bangladesh – Ok you caught me, this one is a joke because it’s such a poor country but it could still be a good pavilion. You could have a ride that simulates the monsoon season and a massive flood that wipes everything out. The culture is interesting; it’s a big old mix of Muslim and Hindu. They don’t hate foreigners for the most part. Then again the number of people who visit Bangladesh has to be low.

Russia – When it comes to Russia the only question is why not? The Disney Channel is broadcast for free there. There is already a good relationship. Not many countries have such a diverse culture or diverse topography. This would be the perfect country for a movie. Just leave history out of it.

Australia – This would be a great pavilion. This would give Australia the chance to show who they really are. It would give them a chance to show that they didn’t create the Bloom’n Onion, brew more than just Fosters beer, Liddy Chamberlain is not a national celebrity, Paul Hogan is not the President of Australia (in fact they don’t even have a president. They have a Prime Minister), and they thought Steve Irwin was nuts too. I’ll tell you one thing. This pavilion would be NOTHING like the Outback restaurant which is considered offensive to most Australians. You’d have to find some really thick skinned Australians to work at this pavilion though. I think after I heard “Let’s throw another shrimp on the baabee” or “Good Day Mate” for the hundredth time I’d start swinging.

United Arab Emirates – Reason number one: they have more money than they know what to do with. Reason number two: they are investing a majority of that money in tourism because they know that the oil won’t last forever. Just look at what is going on in Dubai and you see proof of that. Reason number three: it would be a good example of a Muslim country in the Middle East, not just the crazies we see on TV. I know Morocco is Muslim but they are not in the Middle East.

So there are a few of the countries I think would fit well into the world showcase. If you don’t want to add a new country, then fix some of the existing ones. Mexico really needs a new ride (I know it was just redone but that was like putting a band aide on an open head wound). No one spends more than five minutes in Italy unless they are eating. The UK could use a movie. The movie in Norway is so old it’s comical. The rest are for the most part fine the way they are.

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