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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We Need to be PC Because It’s PC to be PC

Anyone notice how rabid Disney is about being PC? Over the last 30 years Disney has gone off the deep end. Remember the genius that created Disney? Some guy named Walt? He wasn’t very PC. He was a visionary and an entertainer. Those two things seldom are PC. If you do not know what I am talking about consider this. Walt was responsible for Song of the South (enough said), a pirate chasing after an underage girl, a fat lady chasing a pirate, and a mouse that often abused animals in his early films.

Here is where Disney has gone a little crazy:

Did you know Indiana Jones fought the Red Cross? If you don’t know what I am talking about look at the plane in the Indiana Jones stunt show at DHS. The plane has red crosses on it. The symbol looks like the American Red Cross logo. I don’t know when this changed but it’s been in the last ten years. I have a picture of that same plane with a swastika on it. You’re portraying the Nazis as bad guys. I think it’s ok to blow up a plane with a swastika on it. I actually think that’s better than blowing up a plane owned by the American Red Cross.

Splash Mountain: So it’s less offensive to have a fat frog imitate the African American that originally narrated the story than the actual African American? Ok Uncle Remus was a racist character (not the character but the way he was portrayed) so replace him with another character from the film not a fat frog that sounds like him. In some ways that’s more offensive.

Snow White and the Seven Little People. That sounds funny but I’ve seen stuff online that suggests that a discussion like that took place. Even beyond that a discussion occurred about whether Dopey should be seen in the parks and if his mine carts should be removed from the ride. Excuse me! Most kids don’t know what "dopey" is. No one has used that term in 20 years. It’s not like he’s named retard, stupid, or nitwit. Although nitwit might be ok. I think that’s another term that’s dropped out of the American vocabulary.

Donald Duck – America’s Favorite Nudist. Disney has discussed putting pants on Donald Duck. I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing. How insane is that? Did someone forget he’s a duck? The fact that his wardrobe was more of consideration than his speech impediment fries my noodle.

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